Today I planned to write about water and drought but then I walked outside. What I noticed was that one of our two desert bird of paradise trees had two audacious blooms on it. These trees bloomed like crazy earlier in the summer and since then have developed the seed pods that usually indicate the blooming period is over. But we have one rebel branch that decided now was her time to shine. Look at these two blossoms!



While photographing this one crazy little branch, the word audacious popped into my mind. Audacious has two possible meanings–one refers to the willingness to be daring, to take risks. The other meaning is “showing a lack of respect.” I like both meanings when applied to this little branch. I’ve always liked the rebels. It’s late in the season for these blooms, but they took the risk to bloom when their compatriots had long since turned to these pods:



I find myself cheering for these two little blossoms and the way they seem to be disrespecting the rules the rest of the blossoms followed.

But birds of paradise, at least the desert variety that we have, are audacious in other ways. Their seeds get scattered by birds and they reseed wherever they can take root. I really love that about them. Perhaps I recognize myself in the plants that try and root where they’ve been flung. I know some gardeners try and control the reseeding of plants. I, for one, do not. I just let it happen. As such, my yard might be seen by some as a bit wild. That’s just fine with me (and the lizards and the bugs and the birds).

Finally, here’s a picture of the leaves of the tree. For some reason, they remind me of ferns.



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